Arab Advice Bureau

Working for the good of the community

Mr Mohamed Nacer, founder and director of the Arab Advice Bureau was born and raised in the Bab El-Oued district of Algiers; he led an exemplary school education and studied archaeology at the University of Algiers, travelling widely through North Africa and becoming a specialist of the rich historical and cultural heritage of the region, he was considered an authority on Early Ottoman artefacts; he later moved to the United Kingdom to pursue his academic activities by seeking rare manuscripts and conducting lectures but his plans were cut short because of his talents and knowledge as he found himself solicited by the growing North African community there; initially, the polyglot Mr Nacer, willing to help the community break its language barriers became a qualified interpreter and translator, assisting numerous people and participating in a number of high profile court cases and state visits; subsequently he founded a successful translation business that became one of the top contenders in London offering its services in no less than 43 languages and a number of dialects; finally and seeking to find a solution to the growing refugee crisis at the time of the troubles in Algeria, Mr Nacer assembled other prominent community members and founded the Arab Advice Bureau, a charity that has been noted for its outstanding achievements in the field of excellence and that clearly reflects his own personal vision of community cohesion and integration combined with a reawakening of the rich cultural heritage of the community; he holds a law degree in immigration and is licensed by the Institute of Legal Executives; he is also a fellow of the Society for Equality of Rights and a member of the Committee of Tolerance and director of World Bridge, a society aiming to promote ties between Algeria and the United Kingdom.









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