Arab Advice Bureau

Working for the good of the community

NHS Lung Cancer: In March 2012 AAB has launched its NHS backed campaign against lung cancer, a disease known to be heavily affecting the communities that the charity deals with.

the campaign is scheduled to last until August 2012 and events to raise awareness about lung cancer signs and symptom. We aim to achieve this through positive outreach work, where targeted clients could use the services, such as off-licences, restaurants, coffee shops,...and proactively hold discussions with them in order to assess and improve their knowledge of the subject. the workshop attendees or people outreached are issued with NHS-LCA materials and LCAM toolsin different languages: English, Arabic, Somali and Turkish

furthermore, we hold three workshops a month during this lengthy campaign

Successfully held workshops that gathered in total more than 100 attendees who benefited and increased their knowledge.


Awards for all: the Arab Advice Bureau has joined a project aiming to draw women and children towards social life integration, AAB is having different activities with its partners on a weekly basis. Children have been benefiting from the expertise of a renown artist Pascal Djebali who teaches them drawing and painting in order for them to learn how to express themselves but mostly to enjoy their time.

VCS Project: an Information, Advice and Guidance project for residents of the Islington Borough, providing much needed orientating to persons often suffering from exclusion and cultural barriers and most hit by unemployment and recent changes in welfare benefits.

The open day held on 14th April 2012 was in collaboration with other partners, mainly: Islington College, Islington Library, some of Blackstock Road traders as the above pictured. the aim was to promote unity in the road and show that cohabitation between businesses and residents goes foot in foot with cultural diversity.

ESOL + Project: Provided assessment and English courses for Refugees, also helped them with Information, Advice and Guidance in various fields and assisted them to integrate mainstream society through learning about the British culture and institutions; they participated in a user group boat trip and a guided visit to Windsor Castle.

AAB has been commissioned by Islington Council in order to help Refugee people to better their English and their life with a certain guidance and advice in all day-to-day matters.


Refugees from North London, especially Islington Borough are welcomed to join one of the four ESOL centres in order to improve their language skills, furthermore, they are empowered to look after their housing, welfare and all kinds of benefit they are entitled for since the refugee status has been granted.


Arab Advice Bureau is the expert in guidance and Advice and is effectively contributing to the success of this two year project;i.e. from 2011-2013.


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