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Working with vulnerable people and local communities for a better future

The Arab Advice Bureau is a registered charity and community group working closely with vulnerable people of all backgrounds; we aim to combat exclusion, discrimination, crime and unemployment and to promote integration, civic values, and the rich cultural heritage of various communities; we try to achieve these aims by seeing people in our drop in office and through our outreach work targeting specific groups suffering from exclusion; we aim to identify the problems that the clients face and we undertake various projects, action plans, workshops and advice sessions to assist them; throughout the years, we have gained good experience and have acquired a reputation for efficiency and success that has carry over to other areas of work that we have.

The Arab Advice Bureau was first founded as an informal community group by prominent members of the North African community in London trying to respond to the needs of the growing numbers of refugees and asylum seekers taht came seeking sanctuary during the black decade of the nineties in Algeria; it first sought to break the language barriers that the newcomers faced, also to direct them towards the services and procedures that could help them in their difficult predicament; also to keep them out of harm's way and the influence of the extremist groups and hate preachers that were very active at the time; as the demand and the subsequent workload grew, so did the reputation of the association; in 2001 it was registered as a charity and has since cooperated with a number of institutions, local authorities, organisations and community groups.

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AAB has been set up in 1998. It is a registered charity (registeration number 1106752) and community group mainly working but not exclusively with members of the North African, Arab and Barber community as well as with other vulnerable people; It is based in Finsbury Park, the heart of the community, and aims to tackle the various issues that the community is facing; It strongly believes that the solution to these issues lies in promoting positive values and having direct approach to things.


We welcome donations and are always seeking volunteers to help support our schemes in London.


The Arab Advice bureau has been making outstanding achievements in the field of excellence!

· AAB participates in the pathway projects as commissioned by Islington Council which aims to help Asylum seekers, Refugees and Migrants resident in Islington Borough to have support in many day-to-day matters such as: housing, immigration matters, welfare benefit, health and other issues.


· PVE Project which aims to prevent violence, ASB (Anti-social Behaviour) and extremism by making key workers at the communities contribute to the boroughs cohesion.


· Within a year (2009-2010) we have helped 423 clients and are having an increasing number of service users, who are destitute and come from London as well as outside London to seek advice and support.


· AAB has worked with community partners and managed to assess, support and refer over 30 North African and Arab clients to winter shelters over the 2010 year.


· AAB assistance to minor asylum seekers, by assessing their needs and referring them to the appropriate social services, has tremendously increased for the last three years (2008-2011) as over 25 minors are now accommodated, educated and supported.


Since the establishment of AAB, the charity has been working in partnership with different organisations around Islington and Hackney Boroughs respectively, mainly:


- Islington Council

- Hackney Council

- Islington & Hackney SNT for a Safer Neighborhood

- North London Mosque



- Refugee Action


- Pillion Trust

- NHS- North London Centre

- Turkish Education Group

- Turkish Cypriot Community Association

- Welfare Muslim House